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Everything You Need to Know About Buying, Raising, Training, and Naming German Shepherd Puppies

Everything You Need to Know About Buying, Raising, Training, and Naming German Shepherd Puppies

The physical stamina and mental sharpness of German Shepherd dogs have made it the most popular breed. Though it naturally possesses the traits of guarding and protecting, its puppies need human affection to grow into an intelligent German Shepherd dog.

Being a highly-perceptive breed, German Shepherd puppies are curious and always on a search to find a purpose. They are highly energetic and playful and thus require an active routine to develop their maximum abilities. Here is everything you need to know about getting the best German Shepherd puppies in California.

The right place to buy

To ensure that you bring pure and healthy German Shepherd puppy home, you need to select a knowledgeable breeder. The breeder must provide the pup’s medical history and information about social behavior. Though it has lived a little time with the breeder, it must have acquired some basic training there. Also, it is better to meet the parents of your furry friend to ensure that it is ethically sourced. A good breeder will provide you medical guarantee claiming that it had its initial shots. The breeder will answer all your questions about the dog. A credible breeder can help you become a responsible German Shepherd dog owner.

When you go to buy a German Shepherd puppy, you must examine it carefully and select the one that meets your expectations. All puppies are lovable, but some avoid affection. Thus, it is essential to look for appropriate temperament. You can study its behavior with their siblings when you go to pick one. This will ensure contentment in both you and your puppy.

Raise it well

A balanced combination of affection and strictness will turn your German Shepherd puppy into a well-behaved dog. Being adroit right from a young age, it is necessary to utilize the pup’s energy positively.

1.Nutritional requirements – you must take care of its proper dietary needs as food is the first aspect that will allow your German Shepherd puppy to relate itself to you. Also, you must acquaint it with its own sleeping space to avoid problems.

2.Grooming – While puppies need minimal grooming, an adult German Shepherd dog sheds a lot once or twice a year. Regular brushing and bathing will meet all its grooming needs.

3.Vaccine Update – You must follow vaccine updates and comply with routine checkups as scheduled by the vet. Never allow your puppy to walk out freely unless it has completed its vaccine course.

Getting a pet is just like adding a new family member. You should consider all the general requirements ranging from food to accessories and prepare a proper budget.

Good training always works

Whether you want your puppy to turn into a guard or guide dog, it is necessary to impart basic training at the initial stage of its life. It would be best if you let your puppy know that you are the leader and that too in a friendly manner.

You can start with basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Your dog must know your call.

Make a line between appreciated and unexpected behavior. It is good to start at an early age.

Train your dog with warmth and kindness. This will prevent it from turning into a mean and aggressive German Shepherd dog.

The naming dilemma

Naming your German Shepherd puppy is an essential task, as it is something that your puppy will hear all day and respond to the same. Avoid selecting names that sound similar to commands as it may confuse your pup. Never go for aggressive names as it may have a negative effect on the people your dog meets. Choose a name that describes its personality and sounds good too.

Proper care will ensure that German Shepherd puppies turn into well-behaved and socialized dogs yet serving their owners with great loyalty. Top Shepherd Kennel has purebred black and red German Shepherd puppies for sale in California. We assure you to make a valuable addition to your family.

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