We are German
Shepherd enthusiasts

We are Top Shepherd Kennel. Located in Mountain Center in the town of Anza near Idyllwild, California, we are at the back of the Paradise Valley Cafe, 25 minutes from Palm Desert and 30 minutes from Temecula, California. We breed top-quality German Shepherd Dogs to become great family companions and protectors. With over 27 years of experience working and training these intelligent, loving family dogs, you can rest assured that we will help you find the perfect companion for you and your family. Come and visit us

Top Shepherd

A travelling kennel
with a love
for German roots


GSDs have a place of pride in German breeding establishments. Through our travels to Germany, we have cultivated the best relationships, friends, and connections with the World’s Top Kennels in Germany. Breeding champion bloodline is secret knowledge within several generations of German families, who have crafted a happy connection between man and the GSD to create the most desired and legendary German World Champions.

Our kennel has the unique opportunity to import many of the world’s top-producing successful dogs and puppies from our German connections.

True genetics are
the pride of our pack

Top Shepherd Kennel is home to purebred German Shepherds with world-renowned champion bloodlines and parents directly imported from Western Germany. Our pups come from highly trained and Schutzhund titled parents with certified hips and elbows.

When you visit us, we will showcase the bloodlines our puppies come from and the genes that have been taken into account both for the longevity and health of the puppies.

Top Shepherd

Optimal health
is our focus

Our focus is on breeding better GSDs with better genetics and sound health. They are AKC documented, have health records, and hold proper purebred documentation. Our pups always have their 1st and 2nd vaccines on time. Imported directly from the best kennels in Western Germany, our dogs’ health will never be a problem for you.


Achieving GSD
potential is our forte

All our GSDs have tons of potential for showing their abilities in the Sieger Show competition, Schutzhund training (IPO, IGP), police training, Obedience & Tracking Trials, Agility, SAR, Herding, and Rally.

At a standard weight of 66-88 pounds for males and 48-70 pounds for females, German Shepherds boast powerful bone strength and a rock-solid nerve base. We endeavor to bring them to their full potential by training them religiously, similar to a German kennel.

When we breed German Shepherds, we intend to make them great family dogs with friendly and affection- ate traits and ensure that their strengths don’t remain muted. Our dogs will be good with families as much as they will be in any service.

Our puppies won’t ever shy away from their responsibilities and will protect you with their life.

Top Shepherd

German Shepherds
are our life

Our family has bred German Shepherds for several generations. The GSD desires and requires training and time to have a full, happy, and well-mannered life. Our kennel endeavors to give them that and beyond. We are happy and willing to share our love and insights for the beautiful puppies with you.


When you take one of our
little pups home, we become family

We are always ready to help you wherever you are in the world!