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Being the savviest, versatile and intelligent breed, its litters carry traits of its parents. Though German Shepherds are naturally sharp and protective, it is essential to select quality breed parents to get supreme quality German Shepherd Litters.

Top Shepherd kennel in California offers purebred German Shepherd Litters for sale. The most dominating color is black and red tan and is considered as the champion lineage due to its features. There are both; work and show line German Shepherds available. The show line litters are bred for meeting certain news essays standards of appearance and gait. Though they are protective and active, work line German shepherd litters grow to be more active, agile and intelligent as they are bred to work. Also, we deal in both, stock and long coat (red and black) puppies.

At Topshepherd Kennel, you can get our current litters so don’t wait anymore and contact us.


Top Shepherd's German shepherd dogs can trace their lineage back to Germany, from where the kennel has continued to import German shepherds periodically. 25+year Experience.

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