COVID-19 and your pet. What should you know?

June 1, 2020

Top Shepherd

Till now, most of the research and analysis being carried out in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic is focussed on the disease’s impact on humans. It seems we have not really thought about our most trustworthy companions - our German Shepherd pets that share our homes too. Over the past few months, the COVID-19 spread has sparked fears for human health and animals alike. Many rumors have spread like wildfire which has further fueled controversies whether pets can be affected by the virus or not. This is totally unclear as of now.

It has come out that certain owners living in certain epicenters of the virus across the world had even gone to the extent of deserting their pets. Recent developments have even suggested that a similar trend of homeless pets may be going up in the US as well - all due to fears that the four-legged creatures might spread the virus. On the contrary, several suggestions have also cited that pet adoptions are increasing since many people have been motivated to welcome pure-bred German Shepherd puppies into their family.

It is necessary to understand that the Coronavirus pandemic has created such global mayhem that has triggered intense emotions that have upturned the lives of animals and humans alike.


This is one question that has put all in a dilemma. In the current scenario, there is very less data regarding potential infections in pets, though some isolated reports had suggested that pets may get infected by the Coronavirus. So far, only three cases have been confirmed worldwide. There is currently no evidence that states that pets could get infected or transmit COVID to humans. So really, there is no cause of concern and you need not worry about your furry friend - the German Shepherd.


A number of fresh guidelines have been framed that lay emphasis on proper care of pets during the Coronavirus pandemic. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has advised that the owners must treat their pets in a way similar to how they would treat humans. The pets should be kept away from too much interaction with others apart from the household.

The rules also indicate that in case the owner contracts the infection: 1. There should be restricted contact with pets and animals. 2. Face should be covered with a cloth and frequent hand washing is important.

At Top Shepherd Kennel California, we believe in the highest quality of services which is why we keep our area sanitized at all times. Our purebred German Shepherd dogs are free from all ailments and are kept in perfectly hygienically-maintained places. Contact us for details and information on how we manage things and make sure that our kennel is in good shape at all times.

Top Shepherd

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