German Shepherd and Movies

October 24, 2018

Top Shepherd


The most common breed filmed in Hollywood movies is a German Shepherd. The breed has been characterized in many movies like “Below the Line”, “White dogs”, “Reservoir dogs”, “ace of hearts”, “Max”, and many more. In these Hollywood movies, a German Shepherd is shown as the most intelligent, smart, clever, loyal and aggressive dog. “Rin tin tin” is the most successful movie involving the German Shepherd.


In “Rin tin tin”, a male German shepherd was rescued from the battlefield during World War I by a soldier. This movie has had the most successful box office collection of that time and after its successful collection, many other parts of “Rin tin tin” were also shot such as “Rin tin tin: The Paris Conspiracy”, “The test”, “The return of Rin tin tin”, “Finding Rin tin tin”, among others. So, whenever you watch such a movie, you can observe how these dogs offer great companionship to humans.