How many puppies do German shepherds have in their first litter?

April 27, 2018

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We all know that German shepherd is an intelligent dog and quite active in all his areas. But apart from his intelligence, he is the most fun-loving dog. yes, after owning a German shepherd dog I got to know that German shepherd is very loyal, truthful and has a lot of devotion towards his family and master. And I also found that this is the only breed of dog which is so versatile, he can be your family dog, a guard dog, a military dog, a police dog, a search and rescue dog and a herding dog as well. I can say that this is the most versatile dog.

Pregnancy and litters of German shepherd dog

The bodyweight of a female German shepherd is around 30kgs and height are between 20 to 24 inches and this is a bodyweight for the healthy pregnancy of a German shepherd dog. German shepherd dog becomes a wonderful mother and she has a huge number of litters in her pregnancy. This is no fixed numbers of puppies in the German shepherd litter and it can vary from 1 to 15 puppies. Usually, a female German shepherd dog has 8 puppies in her first litters. A Female German shepherd has two litters in a year and this started from an early age and continues up to the age of 8 which means that she can have 14 litters in her entire lifetime.

Factors affecting the size of litters

Basically, the size of the litter depends on various factors that can affect its quantity. So, let's find out what are those factors.

•Breed of your German shepherd: yes, the breed of your most important factor that can affect the size of the litter. If your breed of dog is a giant then they will produce a huge number of litters and puppies which means that German shepherd is a giant breed and she will produce a huge number of puppies.

•Size and Age of your dog also affect the number of puppies; a German shepherd can have 14 litters in her life till the age of 8 years.

•Diet and Health is the major factor because if you do not provide her a proper diet or if she does not have a regular health checkup then the number of litters and puppies will reduce automatically.

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