How to play with a German Shepherd puppy

December 12, 2022

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German Shepherds are one of the most playful and super-athletic breeds, but they can be a handful if you don't keep them entertained and busy! GSDs must be mentally and physically stimulated to stay happy and healthy. While some owners have big lawns and plenty of time to keep their dogs busy, most working people struggle to engage with them. 

Although training is essential to raising a well-behaved and healthy German Shepherd, games are also vital to their health. From physical and athletic activities to mind games, there are many to choose from to stimulate your GSD. 

If you are a new German Shepherd puppy parent, you might want to put your best foot forward and get your dog active immediately. However, there's tact and timing to your dog's activity requirements and abilities. This makes exercising a German Shepherd puppy different from exercising an adult dog.

If you are looking for fun activities to keep your puppy entertained, busy, and happy, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of five fun activities for your German Shepherd puppy to keep them mentally active and physically engaged.

 1.Off-leash walks: Off-leash walks allow a puppy to move more freely and at its natural pace. Puppies develop more confidence when they feel they have more choices in exploring. Plus, they tend to burn more energy when off leash than on leash as they are free to run whichever way they want.

 2. Hide and seek: You can stimulate your puppy's desire to work by hiding treats around the house and encouraging them to look for them. If you have one or more pups, that's all the way better because German shepherds are competitive. Make the pups wait while you hide the treat, then yell, "go," and let them rush to find them.

 3. Swimming: Swimming helps strengthen your pup's heart and lungs, increases metabolism, decreases inflammation, and improves circulation. Moving against water resistance requires dogs to use every muscle group, improving their overall health and making them happy and healthy. It also helps the pups stay cool on hot days. You can buy an inflatable swimming pool for your puppy and put their favorite toys in it. 

 4. Puzzle toys: Puzzle toys are excellent games to keep your puppies engaged, prevent loneliness from setting in, and ensure that boredom doesn't turn into destructive behavior. Dog puzzles are genuinely the perfect treat for your favorite furry baby. 

 5. Outdoor games: Playing outdoor dog games offers your puppy many benefits. Being outside in the fresh air will help your puppy move more freely and exercise better. It will also enable you to spend more time with your puppy and develop your existing bond. Flying discs, fetch, and hole-digging are games you can play with your pup. 

Try the activities mentioned above and notice the effects on your GSD’s brainpower and help keep them calm. German Shepherds have a lot of energy that must be utilized in a good amount of exercise and a robust training regime. Special food requirements, brain-boosting activities, a sound bath routine, and proper care goes a long way in keeping your puppy fit and healthy. And there is still more to discuss when it comes to dog care. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure that your GSD is happy and healthy. Explore our training packages and see how your pet learns and grows better under professional care and training. These training packages will provide your German Shepherd with mental stimulation to reduce boredom and increase good behaviors in the comfort of your home as well as outdoors. 

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