How to stack a German Shepherd

March 16, 2023

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Are you a proud owner of a German Shepherd? Do you dream of showcasing your majestic furry friend's beauty and grace in a show, or want to take stunning pictures of the magnificent species? If so, you must learn how to stack a German Shepherd properly.

Stacking your dog requires more than just positioning its legs and playing with a ball. It is an art form that demands skill, practice, and attention to detail. You can use various techniques to help your dog learn the proper positioning and stance required for stacking. But many GSD owners need help knowing where to begin. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to explore the world of German Shepherd stacking. From the difference between stacked vs. unstacked german shepherds to the 4-point and 3-point stack, we are here to guide you on how to teach a german shepherd to stack like a pro. So grab a leash, and hop on this paw-some adventure!

What is a stacked German Shepherd?

A stacked German Shepherd is positioned in a way that emphasizes its physical qualities, such as its size, muscles, and overall structure, in the most aesthetic way possible. To correctly stack a GSD, the dog's legs should be positioned squarely under its body, with its weight distributed evenly across all four legs. There are two primary types of stacking used in dog shows: the german shepherd 4-point stack and the 3-point stack. The 4-point stack involves positioning the dog's front and rear legs so that each foot aligns with the opposite foot, creating a square stance, which is the desired position for most breeds. The 3-point stack, on the other hand, involves positioning the dog's rear legs so that they are slightly angled, with one foot placed slightly behind the other. This creates a triangular shape, considered ideal stacking for a German Shepherd dog.

German Shepherd Stacked vs. Unstacked

The difference between a stacked and an unstacked German Shepherd can be significant. A stacked dog presents a more sophisticated appearance, highlighting its physical qualities and conformation. Be it a show ring or a photo shoot, an unstacked dog may appear listless  and unpoised and may not showcase its qualities as effectively as a stacked dog. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the correct technique of how to properly stack a dog.

How to teach a German shepherd to stack?

Teaching your German Shepherd to stack can be a lengthy process. Yet, it is essential to learn how to stack a german shepherd for a show where you want to showcase your furry companion! Here are some tricks that can help you stack a German Shepherd dog in 4-point or 3-point stack positions:

  1. Get your dog to exercise before teaching them how to stand in the stack position. 
  2. When positioning, always begin by setting the front legs first. 
  3. Hold the dog underneath the jaw or by the collar and ensure the head is straight in line with the spine for correct front leg placement. 
  4. Both forelegs should be perpendicular to the ground and positioned directly beside one another to create the illusion of being a single leg when viewed from the side.
  5. For setting the rear positioning of your German Shepherd dog in a show, grab the left hock by the top and stretch back to place the lower leg perpendicular to the ground. The right rear leg stays straight down.
  6. Avoid overstretching the dog, as this will distort the rear angles and make the dog look unbalanced and weak.
  7. Keep the head of the dog facing forward  with its ears up. Use bait or some object to get the dog's attention if needed.
  8. Gradually extend the duration of time your dog stays in the stacked position.
  9. Reinforce the stacked position with treats and praise, and continue to practice regularly to maintain your dog's stacking skills.

With practice and patience, you can teach your dog to stack itself in the most flattering way possible. Understanding the differences between stacked and unstacked dogs can also help you appreciate the importance of proper stacking in the show ring. This article will help you put your German Shepherd’s best paw forward in the show ring!

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