Importance of Good Genetics and Training in German Shepherd Dogs

February 19, 2019

Top Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog is one of the finest breeds on the planet due to its performance and intelligence. This breed is even deployed in military set-ups as it is known for its better olfactory senses. While the breed is appreciable, it takes genetics and a good amount of training to enhance its capabilities.


Genetics play a major role in deciding the characters and behaviors of the German Shepherd breed since the dogs are classified into various subfamilies such as Cairn terriers, etc. In case the owner doesn’t keep a note of the genetics prior to breeding, results could be catastrophic and a possible mismatch with your expectations. With efficiencies in place, the German Shepherd puppy should inherit the traits of perfection like enhanced olfactory senses, night vision, and better intelligence.


Training is essential since it makes the dog sociable and obedient. Trainer dogs show high adaptability. Be it adapting to the new homely or military environment or adapting to the recurring hot and cold weather, these dogs can adjust anywhere. This category of canines is very intelligent and active with way above average energy levels most of the time. Improper training can affect the dogs’ behavior. Tackling such alterations could be a very daunting task altogether.


California is home to many dog kennels wherein a diverse variety of German Shepherd dogs, stud dogs reside. Before bringing this breed into your family, it is crucial to carry out good research of dog breeders in California and the quality measures taken by them during cross-breeding or even during raising the pure lines.


When making a choice, find out about the kind of training the dog was exposed to and check the health history files. Ascertain that the dog carries no genetic ailment albeit some of these diseases hold a partial cure. The breed is famous for its companionship with humans and can impress anyone with its intelligence. Make sure the man’s best friend keeps involved in physical training after all that’s what going to keep the beast growling!

Top Shepherd

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