Tips to teach true obedience to German Shepherd Dog

January 6, 2020

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Being the most perceptive and energetic breed, a German Shepherd has some special needs for training. It is necessary to set stimulation and boundaries for optimum exploration of its potential. Once the dog knows its purpose, it becomes easier for both the owner and the dog to find contentment.

Obedience training prepares a German Shepherd dog for rigorous training for its work. As these dogs are used for several work purposes, obedience training helps them with increasing their flexibility and agility that is required once they get a defined purpose. One must start obedience training of the puppy at an early age. This will add to their loyalty and deference. Here are tips to teach true obedience to your German Shepherd puppy in California.

1. The Power of Positivity

Start the training on a positive note. Befriend your dog and make it feel its belongingness. Make it realize which action receives praise. A constructive model used to train ensures that training becomes a positive experience for it. You may:

1.Use food or toy treat for obedience 2.A positive gesture from your side for its correct behavior.

2. Proofing Commands

It is easy for a dog to obey commands at home but difficult in a new environment. This calls for variation in the surroundings so that your German Shepherd Dog understands to take up the command with distractions. Do not expect the dog to obey commands in a new place unless practiced as it may confuse the dog.

Take your dog to public parks, friend’s home or some other public place and try commanding there. Make it discern the command and act accordingly. This will make sure that your dog is under control, not only at home but everywhere.


As a naturally protective and dominative breed, German Shepherds need socializing skills to prevent them from turning aggressive and anxious. This skill needs to be imparted at a very young age. It is at this age (16-20 weeks) that they are most adaptive and have a lasting impression of whatever they are exposed to. For this: Take your pup to local parks, once fully vaccinated and let it socialize with other pet animals as it would help it to be friendly.

Also, take it your friends’ place and make it familiar with different people. This will prevent it from acting out of fear and uneasiness in front of strangers.

4. The Wand of Reward

German Shepherd dogs are eager to please their owners. So, use the wand of reward to get your puppy on track. Use both negative and positive rewards for the same. Whenever it does something unexpected, make sure to use verbal or physical gestures to make it aware of the action. Do not forget to reward it for its correct behavior with a food treat or pat. This will help the dog to differentiate between what is praised and what is not. It is also advised to use food treats occasionally as a gesture of your exaltation. You may use verbal methods for the same.

5. Correct leash training

As a member of the herding group, this dog is characterized by its leading personality. So going against this trait will only harm its confidence and may turn it aggressive. Though it possesses an easy trot, It is essential to train it to walk gently on a leash. For this, leash length must be short enough to give you control but long enough for giving confidence to the dog.

Use a harness and take your dog for walks with a set distance on the leash. If your pup goes after chasing something, then try redirecting its attention. It is recommended not to drag along with you when it pulls you with it. Instead, stop and make it stop to your command.

6. Avoid supporting unacceptable behavior

It is something common and should be kept in mind while training your dog to be obedient. Reinforcing undesirable actions will give a wrong idea to your dog and thus create problems. Notice its behavior and avoid supporting them, even if accidental. For instance, if you German Shepherd jumps on you when you feed it, then wait until it stops doing so. This will make it realize that this behavior is undesirable and needs to be stopped.

7. Be careful with odd treats

It is good if you are consistent with your German Shepherd. Follow a particular type of behavior and refrain yourself from showing that an extra dose of love. As a part of obedience training, it will give a false message to the dog and blur its boundaries.

In all, correct obedience training will ensure that a purebred German Shepherd dog becomes an invaluable addition to your family.


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