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Sire of the litter Jocker vom Roten Feldweg IPO3 KKL.Large, very well pigmented, strong in bones, full of strength and content, correct building conditions, high withers, firm back, good croup, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarters, pronounced breast relations, straight front, straight ahead, TSB pronounced. V. Pronounced type and expressive, powerful and rich Sire with pronounced angulations. Grandson of famous VA 2014 Ayda vom Roten Feldweg IPO3 KKL. All pedigree of Joker is light up with Highest ratings of World Championships. Dam of the litter Kattinka vom haus Tchorz IPO1 KKL Daughter of V Figo vom Nordteich IPO3 KKL and VA Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz IPO2 KKL, granddaughter of famous 4X World Champion VA1 Remo vom Fightenschlag SchH3, IPO3, KKL. In Kattinkas pedigree also VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos SchH3 and VA1 Quantum von Arminius SchH3 and V Anka vom Haus Arnemann SchH2 KKL. Line breeding VA1 (BSZS) Zamp vom Thermodos SchH3 KKL. Expressive, large, powerful and full-bodied, well-pigmented female with light building extension. Strong head, good mask, dark eye. High withers, straight firm back, good length and position of the croup, very good angulations, balanced breasts. Straight front, straight at the front, slightly narrow at the back, it shows fluid, far-reaching, powerful gears. Safe nature, TSB pronounced. V. Substantial breeding bitch with good overall structure and movement. Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: ED a-normal (a1) DNA: Gelagert

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