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How to play with the German shepherd ?

How to play with the German shepherd ?

How to play with the German shepherd ?


German Shepherd dogs are known for their abilities to learn quickly, which means that it is easy to train this species in a good manner. The canines are perfect as watchdogs owing to its intelligence and training that lasts a short span of time. Be the master who understands well how to train these dogs and teach commands that makes your dog abide by your rules.


Test your dog’s playing ability by throwing a ball towards it at a distance of around 10 meters. Let the dog fetch the ball and bring it back to you, hold your palm steady as the German Shepherd places the ball in your hand and completes the task. Another way of engaging your dog is to use the dog toy as an activity. With your command, the dog should obey and lift the toy. This would expedite the learning experience and the animal’s association with objects draws better.


The German Shepherd is a fine canine, a better choice when it comes to choosing a guard dog.

This species carries an intense association with its owner and the animal increasingly showcases its sociable traits. Make sure that the initial training is fine-tuned and as an owner, it is you who has to master the dog, always. With time, the German Shepherd would enjoy your company even better and would always go by your rules and commands. Motivate the animal by rewarding it whenever it learns to fresh action, this can really help.


This is a tough dog breed that relies heavily on proper exercise, adores games that include running and fetching. The German Shepherd is a quick learner and is often very efficient during its training. Learn to take control of your dog through all situations, use good commands and ensure that the animal partakes in a good number of physical activities. This can effectively improve the physical and mental health of the animal.

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