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There are numerous features or aspects that make a fine line difference between German shepherd protection dog female and male. So, what are those features? Those features are size, height, color, pattern, feminization, temperament and more. The height of female German write my essay shepherd usually lies between 22 to 24 inches and their body weight is around 50 to 70 pounds that’s why they are 15 pounds lighter. A female German shepherd is more graceful, lighter, learner and less stocky. To recognize the female German shepherd then color and pattern are enough to check. The female German shepherd has a bi-color coat and most of the time German shepherd has black primary coat and red, tan, cream or silver secondary coat. And these female German shepherds also have single color coat such as liver, sable, blue, gray and white.

A female German shepherd is less to become a guard dog and she establishes an equal bond with all family members. She is a great dog for protecting the family instead of a police of guard dog. She is a good service and therapy dog. She plays with every member of a family and enjoys to spend time with them.

German Shepherd Dogs Information, Pedigree and Price


Top Shepherd's German shepherd dogs can trace their lineage back to Germany, from where the kennel has continued to import German shepherds periodically. 25+year Experience.

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