German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd puppies are cute but they are strong, active and powerful as well. There are numerous categories of German shepherd puppies such as Long coat puppy, Stock coat, Short Coat Puppy. All these puppies are cute and have an impressive physical appearance that attracts everyone. German shepherd puppies come in multiple colors such as black and cream, black and silver, black and tan, solid black, brown or black.

When you bring a German shepherd puppy to your home, then you have to train him with certain basic commands such as how to sit, how to lie and some sleeping lessons. When your puppy is in your home then first of all your have arranged or managed a small place for him where he/she can stay or take rest. When your puppy finds his right place then praise him. This praising will motivate him to learn more commands.

Small puppies have small ears, small legs, small tails, however, they also have a small bladder which means they need to go outside for toilet in every two hours till the age of 6 months. When German shepherd puppies want to go outside they started sniffing in a circular motion and you have to understand these signs and then take him outside for a walk.

 Nala von Whitaker Current

Nala von Whitaker
Price - $4,500

Beautiful red and black female long coat with great pedigree.Both parents are Champion bloodline. Both has double titles in show and working competition. Granddaughter of famous 2XWorld Champion Remo von Fightenschlag and World Champio Ober Von Bad Ball. Beautiful temperament and great with children, small dogs and cats:)

 Long coat puppy Lebo (Thankful) Current

Long coat puppy Lebo (Thankful)
Price - $4,500

Long coat male with great pedigree, microchipped and vaccinated. Health guarantee. Great for any revenue. Parents are completed on a World Arena.

 Long coat puppy Darla Current

Long coat puppy Darla
Price - $6,500

Beautiful female red and black long coat with incredible pedigree. Will be successful in any revenue.

 Stock coat puppy Ella Sold

Stock coat puppy Ella
Price - $3,500

Beautiful red and black female stock coat from Champion bloodline. Parents direct imports from Western Germany.

 Stock coat puppy Bella Current

Stock coat puppy Bella
Price - $4,500

Female red and black stock coat, with exceptional qualities. Up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, health guarantee.

 Stock coat puppy Dino Sold

Stock coat puppy Dino
Price - $3,500

Absolutely handsome male from direct import parents champion bloodline, would be great prospect for any revenue in german shepherd world. Red and black. parents are stock coat and he will have that beautiful luxurious fur when he will fully develop. We do have health guarantee. Fully vaccinated up to date. Microchipped. Can be shipped worldwide. please contact for availability.

 Liisi vom Roten Feld Current

Liisi vom Roten Feld
Price - $8,500

Direct import with pink papers Liisi vom Roten Feld will be great addition to any ravenue, she has a very spirited temperament but in a moment relationships established she can be very calm and loyal. She will do well in any training programm, smart, pick up all commands quick, energatic. Powerful. Her movements are inspaiering. WE are expecting a great things from Liisi. Linebreeding of VA1 Quenn Löher Weg (4-5), Yello St.-Michaels-Berg(5-5). Granddaughter of VA Cronos del-Cerpio IPO3 KKL and VA1 Remo von Fightenschlag IPO3 KKL.

 Fila von der Stadt Mosbach Current

Fila von der Stadt Mosbach
Price - $6,500

Direct import german shepherd young female, with pink papers from Germany. Very promising, great temperament. Fila is daughter of super nice Solo von Panonianhaus IPO3, Fila has in her pedigree several impressive World celebrity german shepherds like VA Vegas Haut Mansard SchH (3-4), VA Zamp Thermodos SchH3 (5,5-4), VA Pakros d'Ulmental SchH3.

 Rima von Whitaker Current

Rima von Whitaker
Price - $3,500

Beautiful female pick of the litter. Both parents are direct import . Rima has great potential in any revenue. Granddaughter of 4X World Champion VA1 Ballack von Brucknarelle SchH3 KKL.

 Juliet Von Whitaker Current

Juliet Von Whitaker
Price - $4,500

Beautiful long coat german shepherd. Great for the family. Very kind and sweet temperament. Her very impressive pedigree from the leading Champion parents can guarantee that Juliet will be great at any revenue.

 Kali von Whitaker Current

Kali von Whitaker
Price - $2,000

Beautiful baby girl remand black with direct import parents. Perfect for family.

 Kobe von Whitaker Sold

Kobe von Whitaker
Price - $4,500

Pick of the Litter. Great family Male german shepherd with exceptional pedigree, will succeed in any revenue.

 Zane von Whitaker Sold

Zane von Whitaker
Price - $3,500 - $4,500

beautiful long coat male from Direct import celebrity parents.

 Kay von Whitaker Current

Kay von Whitaker
Price - $3,500

Beautiful red and black female german shepherd with sweet temperament.

 Kisa von Whitaker Current

Kisa von Whitaker
Price - $2,000

Beautiful female with great potential for any revenue. Kisa is red and black german shepherd with beautiful bone structure.

 Kazi von Whitaker Sold

Kazi von Whitaker
Price - $3,500

Beautiful male with proper bone structure, Kazi is with sweet character and very promising at any revenue.

 Kei von Whitaker Current

Kei von Whitaker
Price - $4,500

Handsome male german shepherd puppy, with great potential. Red and black with parents who done well in training for personal protection and show ring.

 Kesha von Whitaker Current

Kesha von Whitaker
Price - $4,500

Great looking male german shepherd with large bone structure, titled parents, red and black colorings. Champion bloodline. Many celebrity german shepherds in his pedigree.

 Kaya von Whitaker Sold

Kaya von Whitaker
Price - $3,500

Beautiful male german shepherd puppy, with champion bloodlines and has many celebrities in his pedigree. Red and black colorings with great potential for any revenue.

 Ivanka Current

Price - $15,000

Direct import from western Germany with pink papers Pick of the litter. Will be great for Schutzhund competition. Direct daughter of World Champion VA1 BSZS 2018 Willy vom Kuckucksland IPO3 KKL. Very intusiastic for training.


Top Shepherd's German shepherd dogs can trace their lineage back to Germany, from where the kennel has continued to import German shepherds periodically. 25+ Year Experience.

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